Charlotte Newborn and Child Photographer

When you have small children, every day feels—in the most bizarrely simultaneous way—like both a blessing and a marathon. I know that, because I’m living it right now. I also know that it can be tempting to avoid a camera altogether, believing that there is absolutely no reason you’d want to be reminded of how you look right now. I’m there, too. But you will want to remember, and so will your kids.

You’ll want to remember your child at this age. You’ll want to remember the way you looked as you held him close to your body. You’ll want to remember those chubby little rolls and folds on your baby’s legs and arms. And you might be surprised, years from now, how powerfully you want to remember that incredibly unique feeling of having created this brand new human being, even if it meant the temporary sacrifice of the time to bathe yourself, or to feed yourself, on a regular human basis. I love doing portraits of children and babies, and of parents with these tiny humans, because the moment is so fleeting. One moment, they’re sixteen weeks-old, and then next they’re learning to walk and wearing pull-ups. It all goes by so quickly.

There’s no reason a child or baby portrait session needs to be a big production. It can be as simple as reading your baby a book in her nursery, or blowing bubbles in the garden, or any other seemingly mundane thing you do to make your kid smile.