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Infant Portrait – Riley

The Pearson family came to me under the most ideal circumstances–they received a glowing recommendation from a close friend, who has been my client for a little while now. That is the best. The Pearsons had reviewed my website and seen a number of my images framed in their friend’s home, so when I show up, they already know what to expect. They have a few outfits picked out for their handsome boy to wear and are up for whatever I want to do. I love that freedom. I rarely go into a client’s home with any kind of a plan in mind. I prefer it that way. I just respond to their home environment and make a plan on the spot. That way, every family portrait client receives a collection of images that specifically relates to who they are as a family, in the style of what they have seen on my website.

The Pearsons have a beautiful backyard, large and grassy with the perfect frolicking accessory, their adorable lab. We planned our child portrait for first thing in the morning, so we could have Riley out in the grass in the soft light. When it was time for a wardrobe change, we wrapped the session with a few portraits in Riley’s nursery. Enjoy!

Family Portrait- Barry, Teresa and Cayleigh

My family portrait session with the Malcolms was a long time in the making. Originally the portrait session was going to include a large number of extended family, but things came up, and the session was rescheduled a few times. In the end, with the cooler temperatures of spring behind us, Teresa, Barry, and their charming daughter Cayleigh were able to meet me for a late day stroll on the Midtown Greenway, in the 102* heat. We sought out areas of cooling shade, under the bridges or in the shadows of tall trees. As we walked, Cayleigh told me all about school, and her love of animals–we even stopped so she could toss a few coins in the fountain. Like a smart girl, she didn’t tell me what she wished for. My bet is that she wished for the end of bees. This animal lover is open to all kinds as long as they don’t have wings. Safe to say, a career as an entomologist is not in her future.

Edible Charlotte Magazine

I am so thrilled to get in on the ground floor with such a beautiful new publication. Not only is shooting for a food and lifestyle magazine like Edible Charlotte a welcomed step to the left from my usual work, but it taps into my belief in the importance of healthy eating and supporting local businesses. Win win, I think. This first issue was a blast.

While shooting for the article on young farmers, I was privileged to meet some inspiring local farmers. Michael and Christy Underwood operate Underwood Family Farms, a natural beef, pork and lamb farm in Lawndale, NC. Not only was I welcomed into their home, I received a tour of their various operations, and they were kind enough to send me home with a dog.


Meet Amos. He may be a “broken” herder as a result of one too many shocks from the electric fence system at his old farm, but he has many other exceptional qualities. He could run a marathon if he could only find a human that could do the same. He likes to snuggle, but he will settle for lying quietly at your feet. He gives tiny, sweet kisses that only barely transfer the scent of his dog food, so thoughtful. He will fetch anything, requires no leash while outdoors, and is sweet to our indoor cats, bordering on obsessed, but it’s a sweet obsession. Amos is a gentleman.

Then, I met Jill Klosterman and Shane Poplin of Poplin Farms in Albemarle, NC. Jill, hands down, grows the most beautiful kale I have ever laid eyes on. Poplin Farms offers a variety of produce through their CSA program and at the regional farmers market, but that kale almost brought tears to my eyes. If you know me at all, you know I absolutely LOVE kale. It’s on my list of the few possessions I would be allowed to have everyday for the rest of my life if stranded on a desert island. Since I discovered it, three days is about the longest I can go without it. I have a problem. I’m fine with that. I could have far worse problems than a kale addiction. I digress… Jill and Shane produce Certified Grassfed beef, as well as a variety of organic vegetables. Definitely pop in on them next time you are at the airport farmers market. Do yourself a favor, buy her kale–that is, if she hasn’t sold out.

Then I traveled back to the Shelby, NC area to meet Donald Eslick of Fairview Farms, only I already know Donald. He is the boisterous, handsome, and often hilarious husband of my hairstylist Laura Eslick, owner of Halcyon Salon in Shelby. Yes, I drive to Shelby for haircuts. She’s that good. Anyways, Donald is a hoot, he is always up to something new and is impossible to predict. His farm is a mix of his varied interests. He has hogs, and goats, and chickens for eggs, and chickens he is raising to be enjoyed at an upcoming friend’s wedding, he even has bees. The star of his menagerie is definitely his milk cow in training, Clara Bell. When he is not busy with school, or working the farm, Donald manages the Foothills Farmer’s Market in downtown Shelby.

Enjoy some of the images below. If you want to see more of these photos, as well as the ones I shot for the microgreens article about Lucky Leaf Gardens and NODA’s newest brewery, NODA Brewing Company, go pick up your copy of Edible Charlotte¬† here.

Cover photo by Taylor Mathis


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