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St. Luke’s Catholic Church Wedding, Firethorne Country Club Reception, Kayla & Joel

You never know the role a dog is going to play in your life when you first look at them. Those big sweet eyes and soft, downy coat are all that you need to say “yes.” You can figure out how to teach them to sit or to not eat the furniture later. Details. How could I predict that the dog I acquired on a random girl’s weekend my freshman year in college–a small-framed Sheltie Collie/Shepard mix I named Sequoia– would save my life in a fire just 10 months later? And how could Kayla know that Atticus, a gift from a former boyfriend, would not only play a tremendous part in helping Kayla to move on from that relationship, but that he would also function as a carrier pigeon, passing notes to Kayla from her new sweetheart, Joel? Eventually, one of those notes would hint to Kayla that Joel was about to ask her the most important question of her life and to please say “yes.” While Joel was on one knee officially proposing, Atticus was eating the note. They managed to pry the moist shreds from Atticus’ slobbery mouth and piece them back together. This memento is now a cherished, framed, patch-worked reminder of a absolutely perfect proposal.

Joel and Kayla first met while working as teachers at the Edward Devotion School in Brookline, MA, just on the western edge of Boston. Joel had been teaching there for 11 years when Kayla arrived. He couldn’t help but notice her–she is tall and blonde, a total knockout. But, after a little snooping, he learned that she was already in a relationship, so he kept a respectful distance. Over casual conversation in the Spring of that school year, Joel learned from Kayla that her relationship had ended. After a few weeks of hallway “hellos” and classroom walk-bys, he got up the nerve to ask her out, by email. This may seem like an odd way to get a first date, but Joel doesn’t email, like ever. This was kind of a big deal. Joel got his first date, arriving ready to please, with wine in one hand and a 6-pack in the other. Joel and Kayla knew from date one that they had a special connection. Joel fell in love with Kayla’s sense of determination and her naturalness with her students. Kayla loved Joel’s generous heart; he often sent his students to her classroom with little gifts for Kayla during the “courting” period.

Kayla and Joel were married on a Saturday morning at her family church, St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Mint Hill, NC. A brunch reception followed at Firethorne Country Club in Marvin, NC. After an post-reception siesta, the guests reconvened for an evening pool party and lawn games at the Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation in Mint Hill, complete with plenty of Carolina BBQ. These guys know how to celebrate!

Ceremony Location: St. Luke’s Catholic Church

Reception Location: Firethorne Country Club

Hair: Paula at Monte Bella Salon

Flowers: Chelish Moore

Cake: Daphne’s Bakery

Band: Mellon Belly

Catering: Firethorne Country Club

An enormous thanks to my second shooter for the day, Whitney Gray.


st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_sign_program st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_flowers st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom_ceremony st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom_ceremony_kiss st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom_ceremony_party st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom_ceremony_family st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_bride_and_groom_firethorne_reception  firethorne_wedding_reception_bride_and_groom_arrival_dance firethorne_wedding_reception_bride_and_groom_cake_toasts st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_guests_firethorne_reception st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_guests_b _firethorne_reception st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding _firethorne_reception_family st_lukes_mint_hill_wedding_firethorne_reception_bride_groom

Matthews NC Rehearsal Dinner at Cafe 157, Kayla & Joel

I absolutely love it when couples opt to have the rehearsal dinner photographed. Not only is it so fun to get in on the celebration at the beginning of the wedding weekend, but I finally get the chance to put faces to the names of all the important people I have been hearing all about for months. Kayla and Joel are incredibly blessed in that regard. Not only have they hit the jackpot by finding one another (thanks to a supporting role played by Kayla’s furry friend, Atticus. More on that later…) but they are just surrounded by love–from their supportive parents to their fantastic family, friends, and siblings who came from all over to celebrate with them. One of the highlights of the night was Joel’s toast to his brother and best man, Rick. Growing up with the usual sibling rivalries, Joel said if someone had told him as a kid that as an adult he would consider his brother to be one of his favorite people in this world, he never would have believed them. “I really like my brother. Seriously, I REALLY like him!” So cute.

Joel and Kayla kicked off their wedding weekend festivities with a relaxed dinner on the side patio of Cafe 157, overlooking the heart of downtown Matthews, NC. This was my first visit to the cafe, but it is a favorite dining spot for Kayla’s parents who live in nearby Mint Hill. The guests enjoyed their choice between a variety of fresh summer salads and the option of Steak au Poivre, Scottish Salmon or Sicilian Chicken–something for everyone! I don’t normally eat at rehearsal dinners, but the restaurant had extras and insisted I take something home. An infrequent red meat eater, I chose the Steak au Poive. Why not, right? Well, it never even made it out of the to-go container onto a proper plate. When I arrived home to my husband and a glass of wine, I shared all the funnies of the night with him while we stood in the kitchen, eating my souvenir right out of the box. Classy. Hopefully the breezy open air patio of Cafe 157 will be our next date night destination, with plates and everything.


©Piper Warlick Photography-Klein Rehearsal Dinner Sneak Peek-Matthews NC ©Piper Warlick Photography-Klein Rehearsal Dinner Sneak Peek-Cafe 157 ©Piper Warlick Photography-Cafe 157 Rehearsal Dinner Sneak Peek-Gifts©Piper_Warlick_Photography_Klein_Rehearsal_Dinner_candids_Cafe_157 ©Piper Warlick Photography-Cafe 157 Rehearsal Dinner Sneak Peek-Toasts ©Piper Warlick Photography-Klein Rehearsal Dinner Sneak Peek-Group

Sip and Savour – Myers Park Gallery Crawl Benefiting “Melissa’s Voice”

I am happily donating my photography services this Saturday night in support of my friend, Lynn, who lost her sister, Melissa, to a life long battle with an eating disorder that ultimately claimed Melissa’s life. I am honored to participate in such a special night that will hopefully raise boo coos of money for the Hope Scholarship which provides financial support to those battling eating disorders who can not afford the treatment they so desperately need. Read more about Lynn’s story below. Hope to see you there!

Melissa’s Voice Foundation Founder Lynn Dreyer watched Melissa, her beautiful sister and her very best friend in the world, journal the last words “Life is Worth Living” on a beautiful Halloween morning in 2007. Later that afternoon Lynn kissed and hugged Melissa goodbye and left to run some errands only to return to a harsh reality, Melissa had committed suicide. She took her life at the age of 46 after her life long battle with an eating disorder.
Melissa battled her eating disorder in silence for many years and it ultimately took its toll on her physical and mental health. Lynn was the last person to hear Melissa’s voice and believes in her heart that Melissa would want those challenged with an eating disorder to get support from their family and friends, reach out for treatment and most of all find a way to love and respect their body as life’s greatest gift.
Lynn created Melissa’s Voice Foundation (501c3) to bring a voice to those battling eating disorders, raise community awareness to available resources and to fund the HOPE Scholarship to help those in crisis, with no means to pay, access treatment. Join Lynn and over 40 corporate and community sponsors and wonderful patrons out for an evening of Wine Tastings, Cuisine Sampling, Exquisite Art, and Music and After Crawl Shopping to make a difference and save lives of those battling eating disorders. Join the 3rd annual SIP & SAVOUR Myers Park Gallery Crawl.

Enjoy 4 Wine Tastings, Music, and Cuisine Sampling from 15 of Charlotte’s Best Restaurant/Markets, Yummy Desserts from Amelie’s and Edible Art and Delicious Magnolia Coffee! All of this as you move through 4 Exquisite Art Galleries in the Myers Park & Selwyn area of Charlotte. There is even a special ‘Lip & Sip’ stop along the way and after crawl shopping this year!

SIP & SAVOUR Myers Park Gallery Crawl is mostly about Saving Lives! All event proceeds benefit Melissa’s Voice Foundation and the HOPE Scholarship funding eating disorder treatment. Help bring a voice to those battling eating disorders! Help raise awareness….Help raise much needed funds to help those in need of costly treatment….Help save a friend!

Cost is $35.00
Includes-Art, Cuisine, Wine, Champagne, Music

Get Tickets:

Event Details:
6:00 PM — Check in at Allison Sprock Fine Art for Crawl Map & Directions

6:00 — 8:00 PM Allison Sprock Fine Art

6:00 — 8:00PM Providence Gallery & Bond Street Wine & Jeffre Scott ‘Lip & Sip’

7:00 — 9:00 PM McColl Fine Art

7:30 — 10:00 PM Shain Gallery

Last year’s SIP & SAVOUR event was a sellout with over 400 attendees! So….Reserve your tickets today! It’s a Great Girls Night, A Great Date! It’s a Great Solo Night Out! No matter, it is just a Great Night!



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