Charlotte, NC Bridal Portrait Phototographer

Even in the best of circumstances, the pace of a wedding day is a little bit rushed. Before every wedding, I work intensively with the bride and groom to establish a timeline, so that I can be sure I get each and every image that couple hopes for. But the unavoidable fact of the wedding day is that time marches on, and it’s impossible to find a long, relaxed, and sustained period of time to spend photographing the bride in her dress.

For some brides, wearing her wedding dress is the culmination of a lifetime of hoping and dreaming, and this is where the bridal portrait comes in. These sessions are great experiences for both the bride and for me. During a bridal portrait, the bride gets to wear her dress for an extended period of time. She learns how it feels to walk in, and to sit in, and she gets a much better sense of any alterations that might need to made before the wedding day. She also has the benefit of going through a dry run with her make-up artist, hair stylist, and florist, so she’ll better know that to expect from each of those vendors.

For me, I get to learn more about the bride. I get to see her in front of the camera, and I get to bond with her a little bit. Having the chance to do both of these things before the big day are invaluable to me since I only learn more about who she is and what she wants from her wedding collection. Bridal portraits can also be a hugely rewarding experience for whomever accompanies the bride, whether a mother, sister, or best friend. I’ve seen more than my share of tears during these portrait sessions.