Charlotte NC Pet Photographer

As a child, it was my great fortune to be raised in a family that loved animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, whatever—at one point or another, we had them all, and so my love for animals was born. When I went college at App State, I lived for a summer on a farm In Greenville, TN and became well acquainted with the animals there, especially the goats, which I was responsible for milking. I like to think I developed a gentle touch… More recently, I’ve spent a good bit of time on farms and around animals during several shoots for Edible Charlotte magazine. My current dog, Amos, came home with me from one of those shoots, in fact. At any given point, our home is a veritable menagerie of animal life. Currently, dogs, cats, and chickens are the stars of the show, but now that we have two little girls who also adore animals, that could change in a heartbeat. As you’ll see from the photographs in this gallery, I love animals, and I’m not afraid to get down in the mud to get the best and most unique images I can capture. Thank heavens for muck boots.