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Edible Charlotte Magazine – Spring 2013 Issue

The spring issue of Edible Charlotte magazine hit stands on March 1st. Find out where to pick up your copy here, or come out and raise a glass (on us!) to the new issue at NODA Brewing Company today from 4-7 pm. Grab a pint of the new Jam Session Pale Ale or, one of my favorites, the Midnight Madness Black IPA.

This issue may have been the most fun for me yet. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Krabbe and Kathryn Spann of Prodigal Farms in Rougemont, NC. They operate a goat-centric, Animal Welfare Approved dairy, creating a variety of goats milk cheeses, chevre cakes and breads made from the milk’s whey. After spending the afternoon touring their beautiful 97-acre farm and learning how happy goats are the foundation of their business, I was delighted to be sent home with one of their goat’s milk blueberry cheesecakes and, let me tell you, it was divine!charlotte_food_photographer_edible_charlotte_spring_issue_2013_prodigal_farms

My visit to the local muscadine winery, Treehouse Vineyards, in Monroe tapped into memories from my childhood, where I spent my earliest summers chasing my grandparent’s Saint Bernards, Ben and Buck, through my Grandaddy’s 350+ acres of grapevines in York, SC–careful to avoid the piles of boulders that my grandmother swore were rife with snakes. One sip of Treehouse’s Sweet Union during the tasting took me right back to sitting in the shade of the vines, bringing the thick flesh of a scuppernong to my lips, squeezing the freckled fruit gently with both hands, and releasing the sweet and juicy deliciousness into my mouth. Heaven–if in heaven I am wearing a terrycloth jumper.charlotte_food_photographer_edible_charlotte_spring_issue_2013_treehouse_vineyards

Then I had the pleasure of working with my sweet hubby, Mark, for the piece on Southend’s own, Lenny Boy Brewing. Not another beer brewery, although I would be the last to complain if it was, Lenny Boy’s Townes Mozer is the proud producer of Raw Kombucha Tea. Although I consider myself to be a consistent purveyor of healthy eats, I had never tried Kombucha before, or “Booch” as it is often referred to by its regular consumers. It was like nothing I had ever tasted and I was hooked from the first sip. It is an effervescent, fermented tea, chock full of beneficial probiotics and B vitamins. Townes offers a variety of flavors in the taproom, open Sundays, or you can pick up a bottle at any of these local spots.charlotte_food_photographer_edible_charlotte_spring_issue_2013_lenny_boy_brewing

Finally, I met Ron Morgan of One Hundred Gardens who, along with his partners Sam Fleming and Charlie Oliphant, is working to connect the Charlotte community to struggling communities in Haiti through the establishment of aquaponic gardens–66 educational gardens built in the Charlotte area and 33 high yield systems sent to Haiti that can each provide nourishment for over 3 dozen people a day. As an avid home gardener, I knew this assignment was right in my wheelhouse. After spending the morning with Ron, one of the most charming, passionate and inspiring people I have met in a long time, I left feeling, as my dear friend Jillian would say, as if I could have sopped him up with a biscuit.charlotte_food_photographer_edible_charlotte_spring_issue_2013_100_gardensSo come on down to NODA Brewing Company this afternoon and grab your copy. Cheers!Edible_Charlotte_Spr_2013_Cover[subscribe2]







Edible Charlotte Magazine

I am so thrilled to get in on the ground floor with such a beautiful new publication. Not only is shooting for a food and lifestyle magazine like Edible Charlotte a welcomed step to the left from my usual work, but it taps into my belief in the importance of healthy eating and supporting local businesses. Win win, I think. This first issue was a blast.

While shooting for the article on young farmers, I was privileged to meet some inspiring local farmers. Michael and Christy Underwood operate Underwood Family Farms, a natural beef, pork and lamb farm in Lawndale, NC. Not only was I welcomed into their home, I received a tour of their various operations, and they were kind enough to send me home with a dog.


Meet Amos. He may be a “broken” herder as a result of one too many shocks from the electric fence system at his old farm, but he has many other exceptional qualities. He could run a marathon if he could only find a human that could do the same. He likes to snuggle, but he will settle for lying quietly at your feet. He gives tiny, sweet kisses that only barely transfer the scent of his dog food, so thoughtful. He will fetch anything, requires no leash while outdoors, and is sweet to our indoor cats, bordering on obsessed, but it’s a sweet obsession. Amos is a gentleman.

Then, I met Jill Klosterman and Shane Poplin of Poplin Farms in Albemarle, NC. Jill, hands down, grows the most beautiful kale I have ever laid eyes on. Poplin Farms offers a variety of produce through their CSA program and at the regional farmers market, but that kale almost brought tears to my eyes. If you know me at all, you know I absolutely LOVE kale. It’s on my list of the few possessions I would be allowed to have everyday for the rest of my life if stranded on a desert island. Since I discovered it, three days is about the longest I can go without it. I have a problem. I’m fine with that. I could have far worse problems than a kale addiction. I digress… Jill and Shane produce Certified Grassfed beef, as well as a variety of organic vegetables. Definitely pop in on them next time you are at the airport farmers market. Do yourself a favor, buy her kale–that is, if she hasn’t sold out.

Then I traveled back to the Shelby, NC area to meet Donald Eslick of Fairview Farms, only I already know Donald. He is the boisterous, handsome, and often hilarious husband of my hairstylist Laura Eslick, owner of Halcyon Salon in Shelby. Yes, I drive to Shelby for haircuts. She’s that good. Anyways, Donald is a hoot, he is always up to something new and is impossible to predict. His farm is a mix of his varied interests. He has hogs, and goats, and chickens for eggs, and chickens he is raising to be enjoyed at an upcoming friend’s wedding, he even has bees. The star of his menagerie is definitely his milk cow in training, Clara Bell. When he is not busy with school, or working the farm, Donald manages the Foothills Farmer’s Market in downtown Shelby.

Enjoy some of the images below. If you want to see more of these photos, as well as the ones I shot for the microgreens article about Lucky Leaf Gardens and NODA’s newest brewery, NODA Brewing Company, go pick up your copy of Edible Charlotte¬† here.

Cover photo by Taylor Mathis


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