Charlotte, NC Headshot Photographer

I get it, headshots can feel a little weird, unnatural, and artificial. A photographer shows up, tells you tilt your head a little to the left (no, a little more, please!), has you lift your chin at least three times, and then snaps a quick shot and asks you to send the next person through. Because high school. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it isn’t with me. Normally, I do my headshots in a carefully chosen outdoor location, one that fits the purpose of your booking, but nothing overly staged or studio-like. I’ve done headshots with an interior location, but only when the setting was visually interesting. So, not the break room. If you’re looking for a headshot against a plain white backdrop, I’ll be honest, I’m probably not your best choice. But if you’re seeking a headshot in a natural environment that attempts to reveal something about who you actually are, we’re in business. I’m a studio-trained photographer, but with headshots, I’ve chosen not to use a studio environment. On the day of your shoot, I’ll show up with all of my studio equipment, and we’ll turn a natural location into our own unique shoot site. I’ve done headshots for chefs, executives, writers, politicians, judges, actors, dancers, and more.