A Goat In My Kitchen

Being a photographer might just be the best job in the world. Everyday it is something different. Sure, some days I am stuck behind a computer–those days are not my favorite– but everyday that I am not is entirely unpredictable. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting with Kat and Dave of Prodigal Farms in Rougemont, NC for an upcoming local farm piece for Edible Charlotte. I spent the afternoon touring their gorgeous 92-acre retired tobacco farm, which now functions as a goat dairy, producing scrumptious, hand crafted cheeses, chevre cakes and breads made from whey.

Ever since I spent a college summer on an organic farm in Tennessee tending to crops as well as the chickens, sheep and goats, I have had a sweet spot in my heart for farm animals, especially goats. If you have never met one personally, they are incredibly charming. My husband, Mark, and I have been in talks to get some chickens in the backyard come springtime. However, spending time with the affectionate and goofy Prodigal herd yesterday rekindled my goat-love with a vengeance. Maybe there is room for a goat or two? Who knows. I think Mark is afraid he will come home and find them in the kitchen. He should be afraid.


Why is this goat in a school bus? You’ll have to pick up the next issue of Edible Charlotte to find out. You can find one here.


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