Family Portrait- Barry, Teresa and Cayleigh

My family portrait session with the Malcolms was a long time in the making. Originally the portrait session was going to include a large number of extended family, but things came up, and the session was rescheduled a few times. In the end, with the cooler temperatures of spring behind us, Teresa, Barry, and their charming daughter Cayleigh were able to meet me for a late day stroll on the Midtown Greenway, in the 102* heat. We sought out areas of cooling shade, under the bridges or in the shadows of tall trees. As we walked, Cayleigh told me all about school, and her love of animals–we even stopped so she could toss a few coins in the fountain. Like a smart girl, she didn’t tell me what she wished for. My bet is that she wished for the end of bees. This animal lover is open to all kinds as long as they don’t have wings. Safe to say, a career as an entomologist is not in her future.

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