Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer, Caroline & Eric

When they first met at the Selwyn Pub a few years ago, neither Caroline nor Eric were really looking to make a connection.  Eric was there for a few beers after a round of golf, and Caroline was just out for a drink with a girlfriend.  But when Caroline’s friend introduced Eric out of the gaggle of people who had gathered together to talk, things took on a life of their own, and before long, it was just the two of them, getting to know one another.  When Eric texted the next week to ask her out, Caroline said yes.  They started the night at Heist in NoDa, then grabbed frozen yogurt at Menchie’s, which was interesting since Eric really doesn’t like frozen yogurt.  But he put on his best face and convinced Caroline that he was a fan.  Anything for the cause. 

Eric’s proposal actually happened sooner than he had expected.  At first, his plan was to propose during a scheduled trip to Sea Island, Georgia, but when he received the ring much earlier than he’d expected, Eric knew holding onto it for too long would drive him nuts, so he improvised.  He contacted Caroline’s sister to ask for advice on where to propose, and they settled on the City Club.  Once that was decided, Eric called his parents and Caroline’s sister and family to ask then to be there for the big moment. 

Eric had planned the whole thing out.  The ring box would be brought out in a basket of freshly baked bread, and when Caroline unfolded the napkin to grab a piece, she’d see the box and, voila, magic.  Only Caroline was really hungry and focused on the bread, so she didn’t even notice that the ring box was there.  She says she thought it was a covered butter dish.  But after processing for a bit, she realized what she was looking at and opened the box.  Inside, where the ring should have been, was a slip of paper. She unfolded it and read, “I will let Eric have a Slip n’ Slide at our wedding.”  There were two boxes, marked YES and NO.  “Are you serious?” she said, and he told her she had to answer the question.  She marked YES, so he got down on one knee and proposed, but I’m pretty sure he’d have proposed if she’d said NO, too.  They finished their night, as Eric had planned, in a private dining room with their families. 

The wedding took place at beautiful Myers Park Presbyterian Church, which was Caroline’s childhood church.  She loved it there, and thought the sanctuary was so beautiful.  The reception site was Myers Park Country Club, where Caroline’s parents are members.  Caroline and Eric had spent a lot of time there, so it also felt special to both of them.  The main goal for the reception was fun, so Eric and Caroline brought in a band to play dance and beach music, and since Caroline loves cake she prioritized getting Kathy Allen for the wedding.   

For their honeymoon, Eric and Caroline went to Italy and spent time in Florence, Cinque Terre, Milan, and Venice.  When they got back, they started the real fun and work of marriage—building a life together with their sweet lab-terrier mix, Lily.

Happy anniversary, you two.  I hope this past year has been as beautiful as the story that got you to the altar.  All of my best wishes.

Ceremony Location: Myers Park Presbyterian Church

Reception Location: Myers Park Country Club

Hair Stylist: Rebekah McCann

Make-up Artist: Leann Kiger

Floral Design: In Bloom

Cake Artist: Kathy Allen Cakes

Band: Right to Party

Reception Lighting: Wink Lighting

Thank you to my second photographer, Nathan, for helping to craft such a lovely collection of images for Caroline and Eric.

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