Family Portrait – Yett Family

I can’t ask for a better family portrait client than the Yett family. I have known Britt since I was 10 years old; that was the year she joined my sister Ashley’s 9th grade class at Charlotte Latin School. She became one of Ashley’s best friends in high school, and they are still friends today, some 25 years later. I remember Britt as being quite the athlete. My sister says she excelled at the high jump, although the only time my sister recalls her practicing was during her actual track meets–she was a natural. Funny that she met her future husband, David, while struggling through a tennis match with her father at Quail Hollow Country Club. Britt’s natural athletic ability was completely failing her, prompting her father to approach the tennis pro to inquire about lessons for her. When the tennis pro removed his sunglasses, Britt was horrified. She not only knew the guy, they had gone to high school together at Charlotte Latin. She recalls that David, a year older than Britt, ran with the popular jock crowd. a group quite different than her own. He probably didn’t even know she existed when they were in school together. Regardless, lessons were scheduled, flirting ensued, and before long, they were an item. Now, many years later, they are happily married and are the proud creators of two of the sweetest boys I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Britt has been an avid supporter of my business since she started her family with David 6 years ago. I was delighted when she got in touch to schedule a family portrait session for this summer. I couldn’t wait to get together and catch up, to see Connor and how much he has grown, and to meet her new little man, Luke, now 3. It had really been too long. She wanted to do something unique for the family session–split it in half, taking some of the pictures with her and the boys before Father’s Day as a gift for David, then schedule the second half of the session for after Father’s Day, including David in the fun. Not a problem for me. I love surprises and this way I got to see her twice. In order to keep things intimate yet not spoil the surprise, we decided to have the session at Britt’s parents’ house, one of the loveliest homes where I have ever had the pleasure of working. The home itself is just stunning, and the property is beautifully landscaped and dotted with old growth trees. We met late in the day on two very warm afternoons for our sessions. Despite the mosquitoes, they couldn’t have gone better.


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